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A game changer in credit management.

Dignisia is a system created to optimise your risk, improve customer relations, and increase your profitability. The system utilises a combination of AI, machine learning, and advanced analysis models, allowing you to compare debt collectors; analyse measures, deviations and performance, combined with ongoing risk classification; and assess debt portfolios.

Dedication to customer satisfaction and profitability
Higher customer satisfaction and a stronger brand.

Our system analyses data, creating decision bases for you to use to take the right measures, targeted at the right customers at the right time, throughout the entire credit lifecycle. The outcome of this is higher levels of customer satisfaction and a stronger brand.

Increased competitivity and improved transparency.

We have developed monitoring models for benchmarking and monitoring credit management. This provides you with increased cash flow and lower costs for the services provided.

More intelligent technology offers a wider range of options.

As it becomes easier and easier to switch credit management service suppliers, a more favourable market situation with greater competitivity is formed. The Dignisia system means you require just one integration with credit management suppliers, regardless of how many you work with.

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A clearer structure leads to increased revenue.

Dignisia provides ongoing assessments of your debt portfolios, broken down by segment. Our system helps you make decisions on sales strategies, as well as creating depersonalised investment research that is compliant with GDPR and other relevant agreements. These elements combined can help you achieve better return on your portfolio.

Create heightened profitability throughout the entire credit lifecycle.

Credit, loans and receivables are a fundamental part of your customers’ lives. They are also key in terms of the companies’ growth and stability, rendering them essential for healthy finances. Managing credit based on facts and in accordance with the company’s strategy creates competitive advantages. Dignisia takes control of the entire credit lifecycle.

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