Discover the possibilities of receivables due!

Full control – throughout the entire credit lifecycle

Our system provides database-rooted decision-making support that does far more than just help you analyse your receivables due. The system is based on machine learning and AI, and compares debt collectors’ measures and outcomes with in-depth information about your debtors. This allows you to take control of the entire credit lifecycle, from granting credit and signing up debt collection partners, to cash flow analyses from your receivables due and assessment of your portfolio.



Your digital assistant keeps track of all the key elements.

Why is the cash flow from your portfolio falling? Do you need a trend curve to show the number of cases referred for debt collection during the first quarter? Are your credit management suppliers nurturing your customer relationships? And what happens when it comes to payments in Norway if the Norwegian national day of 17 May falls on a Monday? Our virtual assistant keeps track of everything that goes on, flagging up anything that requires you to take active measures.

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Providing you with more in-depth knowledge.

Insight is our powerful platform for the management of overdue credit. The module structures data from internal and external sources, helping you to segment your customers. Insight helps you to build a comprehensive overview of all your debt collection management activities, and can minimise erroneous debt collection measures that could lead to you losing valuable customers or your debt collection partners taking measures that go against company policy.

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Compare debt collectors.

Benchmark allows you to compare different debt collectors. The module is based on well-established models tried and tested by debt collection companies. The system then monitors the different suppliers and their results from different collection measures. The system is designed so as to allow the suppliers themselves to monitor their results in real-time. This improves performance all round – internally and externally. 

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Know what your credit portfolio is worth.

Assets uses complete analysis models to quickly and easily assess your credit portfolio. The model creates strategic decision-making bases to assist with the decision of whether to sell all or parts of a portfolio. This provides the investors with pre-packaged and clear bases on which to make their decisions, in turn minimising risk and providing you with a better return.

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Helping you procure debt collections services.

Procurement is our module for acquisition of debt collection services. The system features complete bases and proposals for processes, providing a clear definition of what is expected of each party. This makes it easier to compare different debt collection companies, as well as providing bidders with clear opportunities to set an optimal price.

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Customer service
Ensuring satisfied customers.

Customer service is our module for creating a clear overview of your business, displaying all measures and payments in the same interface. Customer service makes it simple to monitor your business and minimise the amount of time you need to spend on administrative tasks. It creates rapid dialogue between debt collection companies and debtors, which also helps to leave you with satisfied customers.

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Credit insight
Maximise your credit rating.

Credit insight is a module designed to analyse all of a customer’s transactions, from granting of credit to debt collection. The system can anticipate credit loss as early as the credit granting stage. The analysis method we use offers greater accuracy than traditional credit rating systems, allowing you to increase your sales whilst maintaining profitability.